turtle in indonesia

Budget Backpacking Through Indonesia!

Backpacking is a great way to explore and discover far flung countries on a budget, and Indonesia lends itself perfectly to this low cost way of travel. With cheap accommodation, delicious street food and inexpensive local transportation, this is the perfect vacation destination for old and young backpackers alike. Indonesia is an enormous country, so […]

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Travel Tips: Budget Travel in Canada

Canada is a country that is well-known for its interesting, diverse, and beautiful cities, warm and friendly people, and varied striking landscapes. Canada is endowed with the icy lands of Yukon, the coastal areas of the east, the rugged mountains of Calgary, and Vancouver’s rainforests, to name just a few of the large country’s highlights. […]

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Dalt Vila

Historical Highlights of Ibiza Town

For history buffs, Ibiza Town is the most fascinating part of Ibiza, with evidence of it’s past around every cobblestone corner. To delve into the history of this beautiful island, here are some of the top historical highlights in Ibiza Town to discover during your Ibiza holiday. D’alt Vila The UNESCO World Heritage listed fortress […]

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