5 Affordable Destinations in Europe for Budget Travellers

Many travellers are firm in their belief that Europe is an ultra-expensive continent to visit and explore. This needn’t be the case though, with several excellent but pretty affordable destinations in Europe for budget travellers to have heaps of fun whilst still being kind to their bank balances. Don’t discount Europe when planning your travels!

Whilst there may be some very affordable capital cities to visit, often home to many places of interest for travellers, remember that stepping away from the well-trodden track and taking time to enjoy other towns and cities within the same country will probably be even more affordable!

Here are some of the most affordable destinations in Europe to inspire you to get your tickets booked and your bags packed:


The interesting capital city of Romania, Bucharest is a large city with a cheap, extensive, and efficient, although often crowded, public transportation system. There are many budget hotels and hostels, and you can expect a bed in a dorm room to cost around $10 per night.

Eating and drinking are also very affordable and there are numerous splendid sights to enjoy just by strolling around the city. A plethora of churches, the Arch of Triumph, and the Romanian Athenaeum will keep architecture buffs happy, and a stroll around Lipscani (the old heart of the city) reveals many beautiful gems. You could even join a free walking tour. Visit Revolution Square, chill out in peaceful green parks, and lap up culture in one of the many museums, most with very cheap admission costs.


Known for its resilient and glorious past, Prague is a very picturesque destination. It is also one where you can plan a vacation without worrying too much about the costs. Although the costs in Prague are gradually rising, you can still find places to stay for around $20 – $30 for a double room for the night. Dorm beds in hostels are, naturally, even cheaper. Accommodation costs are cheaper during the winter and many places offer an inclusive breakfast. Food is reasonably priced, although you can save even more by filling up on a discounted weekday lunch and grabbing something light in the evenings.

If you are dreaming about charming medieval cobbled streets, hilltop castles, old churches, and a sense of times gone by, Prague is a terrific place to visit. Known for being a very walkable city, you don’t need to spend loads on transportation.


The capital city of Hungary, Budapest is a spectacular destination where you can enjoy your time, even on a light budget. The city is home to sights that reveal the olden, medieval, and modern history; it is a haven for people who enjoy going back in time through travel. The city attracts many budget travellers and expats, with fairly low (relative) costs on almost everything, be it transport, accommodation, or food. Just make sure to avoid any typical tourist hotspots, especially restaurants and markets, or you will pay a higher price than you need to.

Some highlights of Budapest include the elegant Parliament Building, the many bridges that span the River Danube, the fairytale-like Fisherman’s Bastion, and the Royal Palace.


Istanbul is a vibrant and fascinating city that connects Europe and Asia. The city has a boisterous history, having served as the capital of the Ottoman Empire. It has impressive beaches and natural landscapes, as well as exquisite architecture, a distinctive culture, and a captivating atmosphere. It is possible to enjoy a vacation here on a reasonably small budget.


Amongst the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, the Ukrainian capital of Kiev is one of the most affordable destinations in Europe. The clean and inexpensive metro system, combined with bus routes, keep the city well-connected. Language can be a problem for travellers who do not speak Ukrainian or Russian, although many people will go out of their way to try and assist.

A dorm bed costs around $10 to $15 per night, and there are plenty of budget hotels too. It can be very cheap to eat in Kiev – just stay away from places that cater largely to tourists.

Fabulous churches in caves, beautiful street level churches, lively markets, interesting monuments, leafy parks, and inexpensive museums all help to add to Kiev’s appeal.

Other affordable destinations in Europe that budget travellers may very well want to check out include Serbia’s capital of Belgrade, the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, Krakow in Poland, and Sarajevo, the blossoming capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Portugal has some reasonably-priced destinations, and it is possible to visit many other excellent places, such as Berlin and Barcelona, without completely breaking the bank.


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