Amazing Holidays Without Jaw-Dropping Expenses!

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Everybody dreams of an amazing holiday to a specific destination in the world. Even if you’re not much of a fan of flying, there is always somewhere that, when you’re growing up, you dream of visiting.

Sometimes it’s Australia, with sports fans desperate to watch the Ashes “Down Under”, in others it might be America to see things like the Empire State building, The White House or the Golden Gate bridge. Perhaps you’re just a fan of white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and blue sky as far as the eye can see, sitting underneath a palm tree with a cold drink in hand soaking up the sun without a care in the world. Bliss.


Wherever in the world you dream of going, it often has to stay that way for some people because they just can’t afford it. While colleagues may be able to jet off to the other side of the world every year, some of us just can’t and are forced to hang on to that dream or let it drift away over the gorgeous horizon.

There are ways, however, that we can either visit those destinations we always dream of, or at the very least, get away somewhere for a few days. After all, that’s often all we need. A few days away either with the family or a partner can be just what’s required to get away from the house, work and all the stresses around us to just…relax.

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One such way is to spend months saving up, obviously. Putting a bit of your salary away each month is a great way of budgeting for a trip away, even if you set yourselves a deadline on how long you’re going to save for, cashing in whatever you have at that point to see where you’re going to go. It might be that you have enough for flights to the States after all, or it may be that you can afford to get as far as Italy or Spain – you never know, it could be a blessing.

An alternative is to take out some kind of guarantor loan, whereby a friend or family member signs a loan agreement with a company like Buddy Loans to pick up the cost of the repayments if you can’t make them for any reason. They are much safer than other loans and show the lender that you have not only an endorsement that you’ll repay the money, but someone else who will if you can’t.

They might not give you tens of thousands, but it may be enough to help you to get the holiday of your dreams.

Finally, you always have an option that Brits are slowly coming around to. For years we opted against trips to the coast, believing that there was nothing to do but sit in bed and breakfasts watching it rain, perhaps playing mini golf and… that’s about it.

Sunrise on the beach

Now, however, “staycations” are much more popular and the British beaches have been spruced up as a result of the increased income brought to the coastline by people choosing to holiday at home. This means that you can now feel the sand between your toes for the cost of a hotel and some petrol, without even having to leave the country.

These three options all mean that you don’t have to spend years saving up just to hand it all over to a travel agent who will send you to a hotel you’re not that keen on. Instead, you can trust your own judgement and even book at the last-minute for an even better deal.

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