Best Beaches in Burma

Burma, also known as Myanmar, is famous for being a land of mystery, spirituality, and intrigue; a place where you can explore ancient temples, sail on dazzling lakes, wander the bustling streets of Yangon, gaze in awe at the sparkling Shwedagon Pagoda, stroll through evocative and delightful Mandalay, and meet friendly people who have had very little contact with the outside world. It is also home to some fabulous gorgeous beaches.

Burma’s beaches are often overlooked in favour of those in nearby Thailand, which is both a shame and a stroke of luck. It is a shame because they are really beautiful; it is great because it means that if you do venture to some of Burma’s lovely beaches that you can enjoy them in relative peace and quiet away from the tourist masses!

Some of the best beaches in Burma include:

Ngapali Beach

Often said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Burma, Ngapali beach sits alongside the Bay of Bengal and boasts stunning white sands that meet the crystal clear ocean. Palm trees line the beach, providing some welcoming shade, and you can spend long days soaking up the sun, feeling the rays gently caress your body as you feel all your cares and worries simply melt into thin air. Swim or paddle in the enticing waters, and visit nearby traditional fishing villages. You can dine on fresh and tasty seafood and enjoy the totally blissful atmosphere.

Ngwe Saung Beach

Ngwe Saung Beach is a long stretch of pristine golden sands, with each end of the beach having a completely different vibe. At one end you will find lots of high end resorts, and it is a popular weekend vacation spot for wealthy Burmese people. At the other end, it is a lot quieter and more secluded, with a somewhat abandoned feeling. This is the cheaper part of the beach, where you can laze in hammocks and on the sands away from the crowds. The clean waters are great for taking a dip, and the palm trees provide lots of shade. It is a great place for sitting and watching the sun go down.

Kanthaya Beach

Kantaya Beach is one of the most peaceful beaches in Burma. It has very few developments, which lends it a serene and unspoiled air. The nearby village offers a handful of places to eat and sleep, and there are several lovely little islands off the coast that you can try to visit – hire one of the local fishermen to take you in their boat. This is the ideal beach to refresh your mind, body, and soul.

Chaung Tha Beach

Popular with Burmese holiday makers, this is a lively beach with plenty of facilities and amenities for travellers. It is easy to find somewhere to stay, and there are a number of shops close to the beach. Kids ride up and down the sands on donkey rides and you can rent rubber rings to bob around in the waves.

This is just a small selection of the fabulous beaches in Burma. For even more stretches of pristine coastline, the deep south has plenty of sandy beaches and stunning islands. Some of the islands are home to sea gypsy communities.

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