Brazil on a Budget

Whilst Brazil has a, somewhat deserved, reputation for being one of the priciest countries to visit in South America, it is still possible to visit Brazil on a budget and have fun. With some careful planning, and some even more careful control when there, seeing beautiful Brazil need not cost huge amounts of money.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your time in Brazil on a budget:

Avoid Celebrations

Naturally, at certain times of the year and for certain events, prices soar. Christmas, New Year, and the massive and well known Carnival are the most expensive (and crowded!) times to visit Brazil. You will spend significantly more if you do plan your trip for these times. Accommodation prices skyrocket, transportation can cost more, and even some restaurants may cash in and hike their prices!

Visit During the Off-Peak Season

Similar to above, you can save a fair amount of money by timing your visit to Brazil outside of the main tourist season. Even a few weeks either side of the main period can yield savings.

Compare Transport Options

If you are travelling around Brazil, it is likely that a large part of your travel budget will need to be spent on transport. Compare prices before booking anything, and always try to book direct rather than through an agency.

Limit Your Time in Rio and Sao Paulo

Both Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are very expensive when compared to other parts of the country. Sure, you will want to visit, but limit your time in each city. Hit the highlights, party, and then move on! Don’t spend a fortune on accommodation to laze around on beaches. Of course, you will want to spend some time there. If you are looking for lots of time in the sun, however, do it elsewhere.

Be Accommodation Smart

Don’t take the first thing that seems decent and affordable. With a little research, either in advance or on the spot, you can often find somewhere even cheaper and with similar amenities and facilities. There are hostels in many cities that are perfect for those exploring Brazil on a budget. Look for somewhere that has basic cooking and storage facilities, as you can also then use your accommodation to make savings on food. Consider area as well – a little way out of the main tourist centres can be a lot cheaper than staying in the heart of the action.

Eat Cheap(er) in Brazil

Quilo restaurants can be a good way to enjoy a relatively inexpensive but filling meal. With a buffet style system of operation, you choose exactly what food you fancy and pay for your meal based on its weight. Street sellers are also great for eating on the cheap.

Avoid Imported Drinks

Stick to local beers and spirits when buying alcohol and you will save yourself a fair bit of cash. Chopp draft beer is a good recommendation.

Party in the Streets

Avoid steep cover charges for bars and clubs, and join the locals as they party in the streets. Not only is it cheaper, but it is also oodles of fun and allows you to experience a taste of real Brazil. Street performers add to the party atmosphere, and plenty of music fills the air.

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