Budget Travel in Samoa

The island country of Samoa lies in the South Pacific Ocean, part way between Hawaii and New Zealand. The stunning landscapes have been formed by numerous volcanic eruptions in the past, meaning that Samoa is littered with striking volcanic cones. Lots of greenery and national parks also cover the islands, and there are lots of outdoor activities to enjoy.

Deep, dark caves, fantastic blowholes, spectacular waterfalls, and gorgeous beaches add to the enticingly scenic atmosphere. Culturally, you can visit traditional villages, where you can see the typical open, round houses and experience the beguiling island life.

Often thought of as being really expensive, it is possible to undertake budget travel in Samoa. You will need to be careful with your holiday money, but it is possible to experience the very best of Samoa without bucket loads of cash.

Here are some top tips for budget travel in Samoa:

Check Various Flights

Flights to and from Samoa will probably be a huge chunk of your travel money. Flights are often cheaper from Australia, New Zealand and
Fiji, so it is better to try and time your visit for after you leave one of these places. If you plan on visiting from somewhere else, it may be worth making your travelling time longer, and pricing up the flights via one of these countries. A longer journey may well make your trip possible, when it otherwise may have been outside of your budget range.

Use local transportation

Rather than opting for convenient, more expensive, and readily available taxis, try and use local buses wherever possible to make huge savings. Find out which direction you need to be heading in, ask someone where you should stand, and flag down buses that are approaching. With no set stops and timetables, bus transport in Samoa can seem a bit daunting to begin with, but you’ll get used to it! It is also an ideal way to get chatting with locals and pick up some great tips about where to stay and eat in other towns.

Be Accommodation Savvy

Whilst it is true that there is not much by way of budget travel in Samoa, you will be able to find some reasonably priced beach bungalows. Many places include breakfast, so weigh up the cost of your bed plus a meal to see if it is worth it. Some even include an evening meal! This can go a long way towards helping you to save money when travelling around Samoa.

Eat from the Markets

If meals are not included in your room price, many larger places have a local market. As there are not so many restaurants, when you do see one the prices will be pretty steep. Market food offers a cheaper option, as well as allowing you to eat fresh, local food.

Lap up the Heavenly Beaches

With most of the beaches being free to access, and beaches being a major reason for many in choosing to visit Samoa, your daytime activities are likely to cost very little. Take your own towel, or more compact sarong, to lie on, and enjoy the beauty all around. As with anywhere, before undertaking any trips or activities, shop around to make sure that you are getting the very best deals.

The golden rule with budget travel in Samoa is not to jump at the first chance you have, whether this is regarding flights, accommodation, food, or activities – slow down a little bit, let a bit of the chilled out way of life calm you down, and check out a few options before making a final decision to see your money go further! 🙂

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