Budget Travel in Spain

Photo by: Eduardo Millo

Photo by: Eduardo Millo

Spain is an excellent country for budget and low cost travel. It is a favourite destination with college and university students, as well as recent graduates, due to the many low costs and free things to do. Budget travel in Spain is very easy.

There are many backpacker hostels and low priced accommodation options across the country. Transport is reliable, efficient, and inexpensive, meaning it is very easy to get around the country and visit several different parts of Spain.

Here are some top tips for budget travel in Spain:

Use Public Transport

Most places in Spain have a very good local transport infrastructure. There is no reason to use taxis and waste money unnecessarily. Walking is also a great way to get around for free.

Make the Most of the Beautiful Beaches

No doubt part of your stay in Spain will include at least one beach area. Spend some time relaxing on the beaches for completely free. Take a towel or large sarong to lay on the sands rather than paying to hire a lounger or sun bed. You could even take your own small parasol if you think that the sun may be too strong.

Get Out and About in Stunning Scenery

Spain is home to some very pretty natural places. Climb a mountain, go for a hike, relax in a park, take a dip in a waterfall …. spend some quality time enjoying the best of Spain’s natural delights. This is a free, or very low cost, activity.

Visit Impressive Religious Buildings

Across Spain you will find a plethora of quaint churches and grand cathedrals. Many of these are free to go inside. Many ask for donations – these need only be small and are at your discretion. These religious buildings are an ideal way to soak up some Spanish culture whilst admiring detailed architecture.

Eat Big at Lunchtime

Generally, lunch time dining is cheaper than evening meals. Eat a hearty and filling lunch and a smaller dinner to make your money go further. Look for signs advertising Menu Del Dia – this is a cheap three course lunch, enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

Try Tapas

Tapas is delicious and offers plenty of choice. In the evening, avoid fancy restaurants, and instead go to a traditional tapas bar for a real taste of Spain. It is also kinder to your wallet!

Look for Discounted Periods

Many of Spain’s top attractions offer periods of discounted admissions. Time your visits according to the lower rates.

Some popular places to visit when undertaking budget travel in Spain include the cultural and artsy gem of Barcelona, the buzzing hive of activity in Madrid, gorgeous Montserrat, the sunny Costas, lively Alicante, delightful Granada, pretty Almunecar, and stunning Seville.

Wherever you go, follow these basic tips to make the most of your time, and be savvy with your money, on any budget travel in Spain.


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