Budget Travel Tips for the Philippines

Amongst the many great beach destinations around the world, the Philippines have their own special charms. A trip needn’t cost a fortune either, with lots of useful and practical budget travel tips for the Philippines to make cutting costs easy.

Home to more than 7,000 islands of varying shapes and sizes, the Philippines is a country that has been blessed with the most stunningly beautiful natural scenery and picturesque landscapes. It has been culturally influenced by both the Spanish and Americans, yet manages to retain its own, very distinct character and vibe.

Some top budget travel tips for the Philippines include:

Transportation Costs

Unless you want to spend lots of time on long ferry journeys, the most common way to get around the different islands is by flying. Although budget fares are available, he large number of flights can make costs quickly mount up. Make sure that you always compare fares, book as far in advance as possible, and try to avoid doubling back where possible. That said, it is also worth checking the costs of flights via the capital city of Manila, as these can sometimes be cheaper than direct flights (if, indeed, direct flights are available.)

Many South East Asian countries have very cheap rates for flights to the Philippines, although these can vary a lot depending on the season. Travelling outside of peak season can help make substantial savings.

Whilst moving around on the different island the colourful and novel jeepneys are often the cheapest forms of local transportation. Tricycle journeys between points of interest can be a novelty, but the prices can quickly add up if you’re not careful!


Accommodation is generally pretty reasonable in general across the Philippines. Make sure that you check rooms before agreeing on walk-in and on-the-spot rooms, and when booking in advance it is often advised to just book the first night’s stay in case you wish to look for something else after arrival. Cleanliness and hygiene standards can be fairly low, so you really do want to check out places wherever possible.

Food and Drink

Although the Philippines is not a country that is particularly noted for its cuisine, eating local dishes, as with almost anywhere in the world, will usually be cheaper than dining on foreign fare. Street food is available, but, unlike other places, it may not be the safest bet for people with weak stomachs. Try to ignore the décor of restaurants though – they may look shabby but that doesn’t mean that the food is no good! Food and drinks are typically pretty cheap when compared with European countries and are often comparative with the rest of the region.


If you want a cheap local product to take home as a souvenir, or as a gift for someone else, what about some spices? A spice hub, you’ll find a very wide selection at really reasonable prices! Avoiding typical tourist shopping areas will help you cut costs on other items too.

Make the most of your time and don’t blow your budget with these handy budget travel tips for the Philippines.

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