Budget Travel Tips for Germany

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Germany has a bit of a reputation for being rather a pricey destination, but there are several handy budget travel tips for Germany that will lessen the sting to your wallet / purse and let you see more of the country for fewer euros. Whether you’re backpacking around Europe, or just being careful with the cents, here’s how to enjoy Germany on a budget:

Check Out Inter-City Bus Deals

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Aside from accommodation, transportation is often one of the biggest costs for someone travelling around Germany. Whilst the country is served by excellent rail routes, you can often get better deals if you travel by bus or coach. The vehicles are usually in tip-top condition, with clean and comfy seats, and services are typically on time, frequent, and fairly fast. Booking seats in advance online can make the prices even lower. Operators to compare include Postbus, Flixbus, and Megabus; the prices might just pleasantly surprise you!

Bunk Down in Hostels

There are many hostels all over Germany, most of which are clean and offer terrific amenities for solo budget travellers. Prices are competitive and not only will you save money as compared to a room in a hotel, but you will get to meet new people from all over the world as well. If you’re travelling as a couple or with a small group of friends, lots of hostels also have private rooms that you can book for a relatively low cost. Guesthouses are another relatively inexpensive accommodation option, and you can also compare prices on Airbnb for private, well-equipped accommodation options at a decent price and with a local vibe.

Eat Like a Local

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Of course, eating local fare in any country is generally always more cost effective than opting for imported items and foreign specialities. There are many quick bites to be found in Germany, with grab-and-go dishes often costing significantly less than a sit-down meal in a restaurant. Meat-eaters are especially well catered for, with hot dogs aplenty! Look out for bratwurst and currywurst stalls to give you your protein fix. Breads, pastries, and cakes can also be found in abundance, with the local bakeries providing a great array of affordable options.

Drink Like a Local

Ditch the spirit-based drinks and grab yourself a glass (or six!) of beer. Okay, so don’t go overboard, as that really won’t help your budgeting efforts, but, when it comes to socialising and having evening fun, beer is one of the cheapest alcoholic drinks you can find across Germany. If your feet are longing to dance the night away, many clubs offer free or low-cost admission too.

Take a Free Walking Tour

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Many of Germany’s main tourist-visited cities feature free walking tours, with a volunteer guide leading the way, pointing out places of interest, providing interesting overviews, and helping you to orientate yourself better when arriving in a new place. Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, and Hamburg are amongst the cities where you can find such free tours. An operator to look out for is Sandemans New Europe.

Churches and cathedrals are often free to enter, and you’ll find a good array of museums around the country, with many offering certain periods of free or discounted entry. Stroll alongside the country’s rivers and admire the views, admire fairytale-esque castles from the outside, stroll through lively markets, and relax in the numerous green spaces all over the nation. There are plenty of ways to have fun when visiting Germany on a budget!

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