How To Find Cheap Car Hire

Hiring a car can be the most convenient way of travelling in some destinations. It can also be more economical than other forms of transport. It can also be quite pricey if you do not do your research first! Cheap car hire is possible, and also fairly easy with the right know how; a rental car need not blow your budget and break the bank.

Here are 7 useful pointers when looking for cheap car hire:

Compare Car Hire Providers

Before arranging your rental vehicle in any destination it is important to compare a few different providers to make sure that you are getting the very lowest rates and best deals. There are online comparison websites that you can use, as well as manually searching with a few different companies.

Check the Rates

Rates for car hire can fluctuate – especially if you have booked some time in advance. Make sure that you keep checking the prices before your rental period actually begins. Most of the time you are not locked into a contract until you actually collect the car. If prices have gone down, you can cancel your original booking and make a new reservation with the cheaper prices.

Check the Duration of Rental

Sometimes, longer bookings can be cheaper than day by day hire. Have a look to see how much a hire car would cost for a day, a few days, or a week. It may actually save you money to book your rental car for a week, and then return it early if you do not actually need it for all that time. Check though to make sure that there are no penalties for early drop offs.

Think About How and Where You Arrange Rentals

Cars hired at airports and other major transportation hubs are often a lot more expensive than those arranged elsewhere. Hiring through a broker can also yield significant savings; brokers often work with several different hire car companies and can therefore offer the most competitive rates and terms. An advance online booking can also be more cost effective than paying rack rates when you arrive at a new place.

Book an Economy Car

Not only will smaller vehicles usually be cheaper to hire, but they are also typically more cost effective on fuel than larger vehicles. Think about how much the car will cost to run as well as the actual rental costs.

Use Your Own Insurance

Rather than adding on insurance cover, and paying extra, check to see if your own insurance covers you for driving another vehicle. Also check if it covers driving in another country. If your own insurance will cover your holiday driving, don’t pay extra for unnecessary insurance.

Don’t Hire GPS

Whilst you will probably benefit from GPS in a new and different place, if you plan on hiring a car whilst on holiday, take your own GPS with you rather than paying extra to borrow one along with the hire car. You can also see if your telephone has the facility for GPS, as this can save you quite a bit of money.

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