Cheapest Beaches in the USA

As soon as the sunny summer months arrive, many people head to the beaches and the coast. In the US, this includes natives and visitors. With so many people heading to the coastal areas it can be difficult to find good seaside deals. Many people struggle to find the cheapest beaches in the USA. There are though, happily, some coastal spots that need not blow your budget.

Whilst they may not be the places that immediately spring to mind, if sun, sea, and sand is your summer goal, check out these cheapest beaches in the USA:

Santa Monica, California

California is known for its gorgeous beaches, and Santa Monica is one of the cheapest places in the area for some seaside fun. There are many beach based activities in the summer months to please everyone. Visit the famous pier and enjoy a wide selection of different restaurants. Hit a chilled out bar and indulge in some serious people watching. And too visit places other than the beaches, jump on a sightseeing bus and explore the different neighbourhoods that surround Santa Monica.

South Padre Island, Texas

In the Lone Star State, South Padre Island is a terrific spot to enjoy a variety of exciting and active water sports. There are other fantastic local attractions too, to keep you busy both on and off the sands. In the summer, the beaches really come alive with an array of fun and lively festivals, celebrations, and events. The weekly farmers’ market is a good place to stock up on fresh, local produce. Firework displays on the beach can be super romantic! The island is home to some top night clubs and discos, which keep the fun continuing long into the wee small hours.

Jersey Shore, New Jersey

Jersey Shore offers a traditional and laid back beach break, with nice sands and enticing waters. There are fun games along the boardwalk, as well as various funfair-esque rides and amusement park style stalls and stands. There are good shopping opportunities. In addition, visitors can sample a diverse selection of cuisine in the excellent and wide selection of restaurants that sit very close to the beach.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

With gorgeous stretches of sands, water sports aplenty, world class golf courses, great shopping, and amusement park to keep the whole family laughing, Myrtle Beach is a top choice for all. There are many different resorts and accommodation options to choose between, meaning that all holiday makers can find somewhere to stay that meets their budget requirements.

Kennebunkport, Maine

In the heart of New England, the area is perhaps more well known for its changing colours and autumn leaves than its beaches. Nevertheless, Kennebunkport offers delectable, fresh seafood, nice sands, a historic town, a mixture of shopping outlets, art, and an atmosphere of quality and class.

These five suggestions are amongst the cheapest beaches in the USA for a fun filled summer getaway.

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