Easy Day Trips from Bangkok

Thailand’s capital city is home to a large number of delights – from fascinating temples, vibrant markets, glitzy shopping malls, and theme parks, to relaxing spas, an energetic night life, and a diverse dining scene. There are also plenty of places within easy reach from this pulsating city, allowing you to experience even more of this land of contrasts fairly quickly and easily. With great public transportation, if you have a bit longer in the City of angels, why not check out some of these easy day trips from Bangkok? None are particularly expensive, meaning that you can see more for your Baht!


Lopburi is home to some splendid ruins and temples from the mighty Khmer era. Most of the town’s attractions are handily located within the relatively small area of the Old Town. A major draw for visitors is the Monkey Temple, whose grounds are inhabited by lots of mischievous macaques – be sure to keep a tight hold on your possessions! There is an old palace as well as an interesting museum, and several working temples. In the wider area you will find Ang Sub Sek, a pretty lake with a stunning hilly backdrop. Boating is possible on the waters and you can find ATV tracks nearby. At certain times of the year the surrounding fields dazzle with the vibrant yellow from numerous sunflowers. There is a cave temple where hundreds of bats live. In the district of Chai Baden you can see a waterfall that originates from an underground river.


One of Kanchanaburi’s main attractions is the gleaming black Bridge Over the River Kwai. Built during the war, it was part of Japan’s ambitious and aggressive plans to create a railway line between Thailand and Burma. The Allied War Cemetery shows the great loss of life during the war, and there are several museums where you can learn more about the area’s history and tragic past. Hellfire Pass is located outside of the main part of town and is another war site. Erawan Waterfalls are another primary draw, with the gorgeous multi-level falls offering scenic climbing and swimming. If you are brave, you can touch a tiger at the Tiger Temple, as well as seeing a selection of other animals that are cared for by the resident monks.


One of the ancient Siamese capitals, Ayutthaya contains many fabulous old remnants from the city’s days of glory. Ransacked by Burmese forces, many of the buildings bear battle scars as well as the signs of age. Rows and rows of Buddha images await, although many have no heads! There is a small floating market and an elephant stay project. Some way out of the main heart of the city you will find the splendid Bang Pa In Palace. The eclectic mix of architectural styles is sure to intrigue and capture the imagination, and the green, leafy grounds make for some very pleasant strolls. If the heat becomes a bit too much there are golf buggies available to rent.

Nakorn Prathom

In Nakorn Prathom you will find the country’s largest chedi, the Phra Prathom Chedi. It is surrounded by statues and there is a sacred shrine at the front where you can witness many Thai people paying their respects and making offerings. There is a small zoo in the town, and further out you can find some stunning rural scenery and pretty rivers, as well as several different themed museums.

Add this easy day trips from Bangkok to your travel list for a fun-filled and diverse stay.

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