The Most Expensive Cities to Visit

There are some countries and cities around the world that are renowned for coming with a hefty price tag. Whilst bargains can still be found, overall a trip to any of these places is likely to cost a lot more than their cheaper global counterparts. To make your trip a bit cheaper, try and visit outside of the peak seasons, make sure that you do a thorough check of all accommodation options, look out for reduced entry prices to attractions, and dine like the locals do.

When working out your overall travel budget, consider all elements of your trip, including your transportation to the place and your transportation costs whilst there, your accommodation, average admission costs to the major sights, food and drink, and any activities that are high on your list of things to do.

Some of the most expensive cities to visit around the world include:

Toronto, Canada

With the Canadian dollar sitting very close to the US dollar, the costs of visiting Toronto have become less attractive in recent times. There are fewer bargains, and a stay in the lively and interesting city is often more than other places in Canada. Because of the city’s popularity, businesses are able to take advantage of the upturn in Canada’s fortunes and prices are seeing a steady increase.

Tokyo, Japan

Japan overall has a higher cost of living than many other countries around the world. It was relatively unaffected by the global financial crisis, meaning that prices have remained at a consistent high. Accommodation and transport are the likely to be the priciest parts of a stay in the glitzy and vibrant capital city of Tokyo, whilst visitors can offset these costs with affordable food. Bargains can also be found when shopping, especially for electronics.

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is one of the most cities in Switzerland, as well as being right up there with the most expensive cities all around the world. It sees very little differences in its prices throughout the year, with winters attracting ski enthusiasts and summers drawing a multitude of visitors who want to make the most of the stunning lake and the great outdoors. With high salaries for residents, the high costs of living look set to continue.

Stockholm, Sweden

Scandinavia on a whole is known for having higher prices than a lot of other places in Europe, and Sweden’s capital city is no exception. All elements of a Stockholm vacation will come at a price, from hotels and transport, to eating, sightseeing, and shopping. Enjoying the night life will also make a big hole in your wallet!

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Although Europe’s Luxembourg is a small country, its costs are higher than average. The situation is only exacerbated in the capital city. A visit is, however, well worthwhile, with numerous splendid vineyards and fantastic castles steeped in history found across the country. Luckily, the country’s small size makes it possible to the best of Luxembourg in a relatively short amount of time – this is not a place to linger if you are counting the pennies! You could find somewhere to stay outside of Luxembourg City and use this as your base for exploring the city and beyond. Food and drink though will be expensive wherever you stay.

Sydney, Australia

High costs for food, drink, and hotels make Sydney less than ideal for those looking for a bargain break. There are several great hostels, however, that can help to ease the pinch. Also, as many of the major sights are free are low cost, it is fairly easy to deal with the higher living expenses.

Oslo, Norway

There is nothing low cost about Norway’s capital city of Oslo. Notoriously high prices scare away many would-be visitors, with the even the prices of basics likely to make you gasp. It doesn’t matter when you visit – a trip to Oslo will cost a fair amount.

Other expensive cities to visit include Singapore’s Singapore City, Denmark’s Copenhagen, the UK’s London, Brunei’s Bandar Seri Begawan, and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

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