Exploring Delhi on a Budget

The exciting capital city of the world’s largest democracy has its own unique heritage and cultural charms. Delhi; a city that one either loves or hates, but cannot ignore. It is like two completely different worlds that exist side by side in the one city. Exploring Delhi on a budget is pretty easy, and the city continues to attract many international visitors.

Here are some useful tips for any Indian trip to help you to have more fun in Delhi when travelling on a budget:


The first thing that any traveller will usually want to sort is a place to stay. Delhi has many cheap accommodation options, ranging from hotels to hostels. Hostels are often well-equipped, but a glitzy hotel will cost significantly less here than in other parts of the world, so if you are going to splash out and treat yourself at bed time, here is a great place to do so!

Travelling around the City

If you want to travel in and around Delhi on a shoestring budget, make the metro your travel buddy! Delhi has one of the country’s largest rail networks and the metro connects people to all major parts of the city. There really is no need to waste money on more expensive cab fares when there is a clean, easy to use, and extensive metro system at your fingertips.


Delhi is a treat for die-hard shopaholics! Clothes, accessories, handicrafts, footwear, cosmetics, home items … you name it and you are sure to find it here at unbelievably low prices. Lajpat Nagar and Sarojini are perfect for street shopping and finding fabulous bargains. Remember to negotiate the price (without being a jerk!) to make sure you get a price that is fair for the seller and great for your wallet!


Delhi is a veritable haven for foodies. The Channa Bhaturas in Pahadganj, the Golgappas in Chandni Chowk, and of course the world famous Paranthe Wali Galli, you can’t afford to miss treating your taste buds with these delicious sweet and savoury delights! There is a huge number of dhabbas and restaurants spread the whole way across Delhi where you can appreciate a generous feast at pocket-accommodating costs.


Delhi has such a rich heritage, showcased in its monuments, temples and other heritage sights. India Gate, the Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, Akashardham Temple, and Qutub Minar are just a few of the brilliant sites tht are well-worth a visit. The National Museum is another favourite, and you can learn more about the city’s long past and the peoples that lived here. The best part? None of these places are particularly expensive to enjoy! Sightseeing really is so affordable in Delhi.

Of course, prices have risen in the capital over recent years, but Delhi is still a firm favourite for people that want a fascinating and completely different city experience without busting the bank.

Exploring Delhi on a budgets

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