Free Attractions in Denmark

Scandinavia’s Denmark offers many things to do and see for travellers. Even better, you need not blow your travel budget, as there are many great free attractions in Denmark, with a range to keep everyone satisfied. There are museums, art galleries, lovely streets, historical sites, monuments, parks, churches, and more.

Denmark in July

Have a look at this selection of some of the best free attractions in Denmark to whet your appetite for adventure and gain some inspiration for your next vacation:


Surrounded in myths and mystery, the ancient long barrow at Troldkirken is one of Denmark’s best ancient sites. Stretching for almost 50 metres, it dates back to the Neolithic Age. It is surrounded by over 40 enormous stones. It sits on a small hill near to a fiord. Its name means Troll Church, as it is said that the big stone at the top of the barrow was thrown towards the church by an irate resident troll.


A Stone Age burial site, Kongehojen features two large tombs set inside the mound. The mound has over 60 stones at the base, creating a stone chain. It is in very good condition, and is in interesting place to visit in Denmark.

Sankt Paul’s Church

In the village of Nyboder, the pretty Sankt Paul’s Church is an Italian Romanesque style religious building. It is charming and pretty.

Holmens Church

In the capital city of Copenhagen, the Renaissance style church is beautiful both inside and out. It was a designated church for sailors, and has several tombs inside of important Danish seafarers.

The National Museum of Denmark

Here you can learn all about Denmark’s history and heritage. It is filled with many interesting exhibits. It is a popular attraction in the capital city.

Odense Town Crier Walk

In the lovely city of Odense, the grandly clad Town Crier leads visitors through the streets, pointing out important places and providing some local history and information.

Marble Church

Frederiks Kirke

One of Copenhagen’s most impressive churches, the magical Marble Church is situated near to the Castle. The copper green dome is a distinctive city landmark. Work started on the church’s construction in 1749. It was not, however, completed until 1894!

Ribe Town Crier Walk

Guests can join the Town Crier on a journey around the town, seeing many places of interest and learning about the area’s history.

Most manor houses and castles give free admission to the grounds. Whilst you would have to pay to go into the buildings, you can admire them freely from outside. The vibrant markets can be freely explored, and the quaint streets and countryside areas can be discovered for no cost. Many attractions offer free periods or discounted rates at certain times; check local information and plan your visit accordingly. Most public parks and gardens have no admission fees, meaning that you can relax in a pretty outdoor spot in most towns and cities.


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