Free Things to Do in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

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The capital city of Argentina, there are plenty of free things to do in Buenos Aires to help stretch your holiday budget further. Sometimes referred to as the Paris of Latin America, it is sometimes said that Buenos Aires is easy to love and hard to forget! It is also easy to discover many areas by foot, this saving you money on transportation costs.

With lively and passionate tango, delicious food, vibrant art, an interesting culture, and many years’ worth of history, have fun exploring the city and save some money at the same time with these suggested free things to do in Buenos Aires:

Find Peace in the Metropolitan Cathedral

Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral

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Conveniently located in the heart of Buenos Aires, the enchanting Metropolitan Cathedral has been renovated six times since its initial construction in the 1590s. Each intricate renovation has added different architectural features, creating a really interesting building. The austere exterior is offset by the graceful dome, and inside you can admire the historic nave and an abundance of religious art and icons. Striking and serene, it’s a beautiful Catholic monument. Overlooking Plaza de Mayo, it is the main Catholic religious building in the city. An active place of worship, it is also a popular tourist spot.

Snap a Selfie at Caminito

No visit to Buenos Aires is complete without some photos of this attractive and colourful pedestrian street. Originally home to Italian immigrants, Caminito features beautiful displays of art, jolly street dancers, and soulful musicians. An exciting and captivating part of the city, you can wander down the street and be enraptured by the numerous activities going on.

Admire Colourful Graffiti Art

Buenos Aires Street Art

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The streets of Buenos Aires are richly-decorated with lots of interesting and detailed graffiti art. And, it costs nothing to wander around, soak up the sights, and snap off some terrific pictures. Many images have political and social themes, and you can easily find out more about some of the most popular artists and famous pieces online. Whilst almost every neighbourhood boasts great street art, Palermo is particularly recommended.

Enjoy Nature at Reserva Ecologica

Although there are several nice parks around Buenos Aires, a favourite spot is the lush and green Reserva Ecologica. A great place to chill out, relax, and enjoy being at one with nature, take some time to stroll around the expansive park and relish the tranquil vibe, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you’re feeling energetic and want to get in your sporting fix whilst on vacation, it’s a good place for running and cycling along the paths while enjoying the shade from the trees. The landscapes are pretty, great for budding artists!

Indulge in Some People-Watching

Tango in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires is known for its charming neighbourhoods, which really spring to life with noisy street fairs and bustling markets! Check out different plazas streets, and parks, and you’ll find that you’re in for a treat! You can all but count on tango dancing, street performers, vendors selling an array of goods, lots of tempting food, and more. One of the best things to do, however, is to simply watch the thronging crowds and the hive of activity.

There are free tours of Buenos Aires to soak up the soul of the city, sombre cemeteries that whisper from the past, free tango sessions, the excellent Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes … and more!

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