Free Things to do in Oslo

Photo by: Michael Nyika

Photo by: Michael Nyika

Norway is known for having a very high standard of living… And a very high cost of living. The country’s capital city of Oslo offers many things for visitors to see and do, some of which need not cost a single penny. There is a variety of great fun free things to do in Oslo, including breath taking, beautiful and unique natural attractions, educational hotspots, cultural pearls, and modern delights.

Enjoy your break and check out some of these free things do in Oslo:


Nature enthusiasts will enjoy Hovedoya. There are many rare and beautiful flowers to admire at this spectacular outdoor attraction.

Ekeberg Hills

You can climb the undulating and pretty hills for some beautiful scenic views. The hiking in the area is excellent, providing visitors with the ideal chance to enjoy some of Norway’s finest outdoor areas, and completely for free.

Akershus Fortress

The impressive and sturdy Akershus Fortress shows how the city defended and protected itself in times gone by. In the city centre, it is a terrific place to learn a little bit more about the city’s history.

Oslo City Museum

Here, you can learn more about the cultural and historic side of Oslo. It is informative, interesting, and educational. Situated in Vigeland Park, it is also home tone of the largest collections of paintings in the entire country. The country’s history can really come to life for you, and you can gain a completely different perspective and outlook on Norway at this fabulous free attraction.

Ekerbergparken Sculpture Park

Set in delightful grounds, the numerous fine sculptures are sure o captivate and intrigue all. It offers visitors something entirely different to do and see in the city.

Norwegian Museum of Magic

Another unusual place to visit in the city is this interesting museum. The museum wants to preserve and display the heritage and skill of the country’s magicians. A visit is simply spell-binding!

Botanical Gardens

Guests can take a calming stroll through the different plants and flowers growing within this peaceful place.

Vigeland Sculpture Park

A top visitor attraction in Oslo, this park offers something a little different. Crammed with interesting sculptures, it show cases the very best of Oslo’s public art. It is one of the city’s, if not the country’s, most visited places.

The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet

It does not cost anything to step inside the building where so much of Norway’s heritage and artistic culture is created and presented. You may even be tempted to book to watch a show at a later time.

Workers’ Museum

This museum provides information and exhibits relating to the city’s industrial past.

Art Galleries

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There are several art galleries dotted across the city centre, most of which offer free admission. There is a variety of different exhibits and works on display in all.

By mixing and matching the paid attractions with some of these excellent freebies, a short break in Oslo need not cost the earth.

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