Free Things to do in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the world’s most-visited beach destinations. Its pristine beaches and natural beauty keep drawing visitors in high numbers from far and wide. Also, the exchange rate is quite favourable. Whilst a trip to Costa Rica is generally quite affordable for many travellers in the region, there are also some terrific free things to do in Costa Rica that will help you to stretch your travel funds even further.

Stroll on the Beaches of Guanacaste

The northwestern coast of Costa Rica is a great big stretch of fine white crystalline beaches. The water mimics the blue of the sky quite spectacularly, with picturesque vista aplenty. The entire region is almost like one giant beach resort! The sand and ocean are seemingly endless, and enjoying these splendid beaches costs absolutely nothing. Chill out in the sun and soak up the views without spending a single cent.

Watch a Spectacular Sunset

Costa Rica has some excellent spots for watching a magical sunset. One of nature’s finest performances, it’s completely free too! Jaco is amongst the finest spots for watching a dazzling sunset in Costa Rica. Lined with palm trees and gently lapped by calm waters, every nature lover should visit this mesmerising place. During sunset, the sky changes colour almost every second, and with each passing moment the brilliance of the sky only increases. The colour of the water changes too with the change of colour in the sky. Romantic in the right company, it’s the perfect place for anyone who loves fabulous sunset views.

Barrio Amon

Barrio Amon is one of the oldest districts in all of Costa Rica. Part of the country’s capital of San Jose, it has its own distinct character that sets it apart from the rest of the city, indeed, the rest of Costa Rica too. There are a lot of establishments and architectural structures that are show Costa Rica’s colonial past. Restaurants, bars, and cafés dot the whole district, with its old walls being an important part of the country’s history.


As Costa Rica is dotted with peaks and other attractive terrain, hiking is a great way to enjoy some of the country’s natural delights … whilst also saving money! There are many barren lava fields in Costa Rica, with captivating and ethereal views. The forests are rich with wildlife, and hiking trails are available for people of all levels of experience.

Lake Arenal

This is one of Costa Rica’s natural treasures – it has a lot! This big lake has a volcanic mountain just looming over the horizon. Lush green forests dot the banks of the lake and it is famous for the diverse aquatic life that lives in its waters. It is Costa Rica’s biggest lake and doubles up as a hydroelectric dam.

Many of Costa Rica’s varied museums do not charge an entrance fee, and it is free to wander around the various villages, towns, and cities, soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the diverse architecture. With some excellent free things to do in Costa Rica, there really aren’t too many reasons to be afraid of the budget!

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