Historical Highlights of Ibiza Town

Dalt Vila

For history buffs, Ibiza Town is the most fascinating part of Ibiza, with evidence of it’s past around every cobblestone corner. To delve into the history of this beautiful island, here are some of the top historical highlights in Ibiza Town to discover during your Ibiza holiday.

D’alt Vila

The UNESCO World Heritage listed fortress dominating Ibiza Town’s skyline is known as D’alt Vila, literally translated as the high, or upper town. Within its thick stone walls is a treasure trove of history spanning 2,500 years; a maze of steep, narrow alleyways, the fortress is an outdoor museum that is well worth a two hour walk about. There are several bastions along the walk from where you can explore Ibiza’s military past as well as take in the fascinating views across Ibiza Town. There are also a few cafes throughout D’alt Vila, ideal for a cool drink mid tour.

Ibiza Cathedral

Ibiza castle

At the very top of D’alt Vila, overlooking Ibiza Town and out to sea, stands the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Snows, also referred to as the Ibiza Cathedral. It is without doubt the island’s most impressive church and Ibiza Town’s most impressive building. Construction of the gothic-Catalan style building began in the 14th century and finished in the 16th century. It was built on a historically religious site, where once a mosque and before that, an ancient roman temple stood. As well as five chapels and a spectacular bell tower, the cathedral also houses many works of art dating back as far as the 12th century.

The Necropolis of Puig Des Molins

Just outside the western walls of D’alt Vila, is one of the Mediterranean’s largest and best preserved necropolis. The ancient cemetery was built by the Phoenicians and dates back to 600BC and almost 4000 tombs have been discovered. Many of the burial chambers are closed to the public, however there are several you can enter. There is also small but very interesting and well presented modern museum housing artifacts found in the burial chambers including jewellery, ceramics, mirrors and painted ostrich eggs, as well as other exhibitions on Ibiza’s history.

This special area of the island and all it’s rich history is surrounded by many hotels, apartments and villas in Ibiza Town which make for an ideal base to explore the region. You are also spoilt for dining options, beaches and nightlife all within a short drive making Ibiza Town a great location for a Mediterranean holiday.

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