How to Make Money While Travelling!

making money while travelling

You may have read and heard about people and travel bloggers taking long trips and foreign explorations. And you may have wondered how they support themselves whilst on the road. Living on a shoe-string budget and simultaneously satisfying the urge to explore can sometimes be a tall order!

If you are an aspiring traveller and want to stay on the road for as long as possible but are worried about the financial aspects of things, here are some ideas for ways to make money while travelling:

Online Work

With the power of the internet available at our fingertips, working remotely is becoming more and more popular. There are so many tasks that can be done online! Some people become freelancers, taking on a range of different projects, whilst others are remote workers who remain employed by a company. There are various jobs and project boards that you can search online, including Upwork, Problogger, and Freelancer.

Online work can include: writing web content and blogs related to various topics, graphic design, translation, sales, marketing, building websites, administrative duties, and transcription.

Start Your Own Blog

If you are a writer or photographer who is passionate about travelling, starting a travel blog is a great thing to do. Not only will you have a wonderful record of all your terrific experiences, but you can also share your encounters with the rest of the world! There are various ways to monetize travel blogs, but note – it takes a lot of dedication, commitment, and hard work!

Many people think that this is an easy route to making money – it is not! Whilst travel blogging is often an obvious choice for travellers, you could also consider starting a blog related to any of your other areas of expertise or interests.

There are several epic eLearning courses available to teach you the ropes. We’ve heard good things about Travel Blog Success and a few others.

If you have a passion for shoes, start a shoe-related blog. Are you a whizz with IT? Start a “how to” type blog. Culinary whizzes might want to look into setting up a foodie blog. Motivational, inspirational, business advice, child raising, artsy, literature-related, sporty … the possibilities are endless! Why not give it a shot?!

Cruise Ship Staff

If you dream of the open ocean and are planning to take a cruise, why not investigate the possibilities of working onboard? The money can be very good and contracts are usually for around a six month commitment. There are various jobs available, such as masseur, musician, bartender, dancer, child-minder, waiting staff, lifeguard, events planner, entertainer, room service, tour guide, office-based, chef … and more! You could also take up mechanical, technical, and navigation-related jobs, based on your expertise and qualifications.

Tour Guide

You could work as a tour guide and holiday expert on your own or team up with a local travel agency. This will help you to earn whilst travelling to some of your favourite places! It may also be worth looking into sites that look for local freelance guides if you are staying in a particular area for a while and know it well enough to share it with others.

Language Teaching / Tuition

There are many global opportunities around the world for language teachers, especially for native English speakers. Roles can include within schools, language centres, and in-house in private companies. You could also offer private tutoring, setting up arrangements directly between you and your students.

Other options include manual tasks, fruit picking, farm work – and many more! Indeed, be creative, look around online, keep an eye on real and virtual job boards, and ask when you arrive in a new place what’s available. There really are lots of ways to make money when travelling if you seek out opportunities.

Do you have any juicy tips on how to make money while travelling!?


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