Money Saving Tips: Budget Places to Eat in Stockholm

Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, is a lovely place for a break. The charming cobblestone streets and ochre-coloured buildings create an enticing vision, and the fact that the city sits on islands surrounded by sparkling waters just adds further to its beauty.

Sitting largely on a group of 14 islands in the Baltic Sea, Stockholm is known as the cultural, economical, and traditional capital of the Swedish nation. A rich history and current-day significance have transformed Stockholm into a hotspot for travellers … some visit for cultural and historical explorations whilst others just come for a leisurely vacation.

The city also has a strong dining scene, complete with many tasty culinary surprises. From lavish to budget, you will find some superb eateries here. Although Stockholm is often thought of as being quite a pricy destination, eating here need no break the bank.

Here are some great budget places to eat in Stockholm and get a taste for the delicious local dishes:

Meatballs for People

This is one of the most popular eating places in the whole city. It offers a delightful array of dishes at a pocket-friendly price. The restaurant is named after the delicious Swedish meatballs, called kottbulle. The meals are prepared with utmost precision and love at this brilliant eatery, and you certainly won’t leave feeling less than satisfied and sated. Grab a bite of the moose meatballs with dill and fennel seeds, served with cream sauce, lingonberry jam, mashed potato, and pickled cucumber – divine!


Looking for a place that offers scrumptious meals in the financial district of Stockholm, without getting you to go through the hassle of making a reservation and leaving your bank manager weeping? Pocket could be just the place for you! It has a fun and breezy environment and is run by chirpy members of staff. This eatery is famous for serving up classic Swedish dishes.


Calling all veggie lovers! If you want to enjoy a meal that has vegetables galore, Gro is perfect. It is a small and cozy restaurant that offers the finest local dishes prepared with the freshest vegetables and herbs.


Craving a taste of the Orient whilst in northern Europe? Hit up this special dumpling and tea restaurant in Stockholm and get ready for a tasty treat. They offer some of the most delectable dumplings and Chinese tea in the country. Indeed, they may just be some of the finest that you have ever tasted! You can also enjoy variety of other Asian delicacies here too. The company has a food production plant in Sweden and also sell their products through retail stores, meaning that you can pick up some items to prepare back at home as well.

Hurry Curry

Another superb budget eatery in Stockholm, you can enjoy some delicious Indian food that is simply bursting with flavour. Typical Indian meals await, along with more-ish drinks like lassis and classic South Indian coffee. Drop in for lunch, dinner or just a coffee.

Be kind to your wallet or purse and don’t miss these excellent budget places to eat when in Stockholm.

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    It’s really best tips for money savings. This is most useful guideline for each travel person to seeing best place in minimum budgets.

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