Reasons to Visit Kashmir

Travel to most parts of India’s Kashmir is not advised due to ongoing threats of violence and terrorism. There are, however, a couple of areas that people can visit relatively freely. It is essential that visitors stay well away from the border with Pakistan – it is one of the most dangerous borders in the whole world, and snipers shoot first and ask questions later when people stray into the wrong areas. Avoid this area at all costs. With the main warning out of the way some great reasons to visit Kashmir include:

Beautiful Scenery

Kashmir is well known for its truly picturesque landscapes and breathtaking scenery.

The area of Ladakh is away from trouble spots and offers some world class trekking in an outstanding environment. It is located high in the Himalayas and one can enjoy soaring views of mountains, valleys, and fields, complete with an abundance of native flora and fauna. There are a variety of different trekking routes, although you will need at least a basic level of fitness of make the most of your time here. The atmosphere is peaceful and calm, and it is a terrific place for contemplation, reflection, and a little bit of soul searching. It is often said to be one of the most tranquil places on the planet, good for mind, body, and spirit.

Zanskar is famous for its excellent trekking, and it is particularly popular in the winter months. The icy frozen river is simply magical. The area is also rich in interesting culture.

The Kashmir Valley is also incredibly beautiful, although visitors must exercise extreme caution if hey do decide to visit this area. There are large glistening lakes, clear babbling streams, delightful gardens, and stunning views.

Rich Heritage

A former British colonial area, the history and diversity of ethnic groups creates a place that is brimming with fascinating culture and heritage. Some of the main places for those who want to see more of the area’s history, culture, and religion include the old Bahu Fort, the spectacular golden covered Hindu Raghunath Temple, the sacred Peer Baba, Sri Amarnath Ji holy cave, and the ornate Mubarak Mandi Palace, with its brilliant blend of architectural styles.

Delicious Food

Foodies will certainly not be disappointed with the tasty culinary offerings in Kashmir. Sweet and fruity goods are especially good, with delicacies like the fruit ice cream and candies not to be missed. You will also find a delicious assortment of spicy dishes and milky treats.

Great Shopping

The area offers a great mix of modern shopping centres and traditional markets and bazaars. You could easily spend a couple of days at least exploring the different retail outlets in the area. A particular favourite is the bustling Raghunath Bazaar in the centre of Jammu city. You will find rts, crafts, food and drink, clothes, accessories, and more.

If you are careful and plan your trip well, there are lots of reasons to visit Kashmir and enjoy this gorgeous and interesting part of the planet.

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