Save Up To Travel

Many people dream of setting off to conquer the world and do some serious travelling, but one of the major things that holds people back is funds. With a belief that travelling can be prohibitively expensive, a lot of people push these desires to the side, thinking that it wouldn’t be possible. There are many small things, however, that you can do to save up to travel … some things are fairly easy, whilst others require a certain level of commitment and dedication. If you set your mind to it though, anything is possible!

Here are some tips to help you save up to travel:

Limit Your Spending

A few changes in your everyday spending can help you to save more than you actually realize. If you regularly buy a takeaway morning coffee on the way to work, for example, forgoing this and making your own, either at home or in the office, can yield significant savings over the course of a month. If you buy lunch each day consider making your own – the cost of a home-made sandwich is a lot less than a store bought one, plus, you can choose your own yummy fillings and make exactly what you want! Buy only the essentials – each time you make a purchase consider whether you actually do need the item – do you really need that new CD? Are those boots such a must-have? And so on. Even things like changing your hair-style to a more manageable and less high-maintenance style can also help you to save – less visits to the salon means more money in your pocket!

The same goes for outing, trips, and nights out. Sure, everybody wants to enjoy life now, but staying at home every now and then can really help that travel budget to grow. Why not consider things like a night at home with a movie, a pot luck supper, and store bought drinks for you and your mates as opposed to a night out clubbing or going for a meal and to the cinema? How about a stroll in the park rather than a day of shopping? (Even window shopping can sometimes tempt you and see you heading home with things that you don’t really need!) A picnic rather than lunch in a restaurant? Even if you only save a small amount, these small amounts build up!

An important thing to do, no matter how you make your savings, is to track how much you have saved and actually put the money somewhere safe – perhaps in a high interest bank account. It’s easy to spend money elsewhere and not notice the efforts of your cut backs if you don’t make a conscious effort.

Check Your Bills

Are you getting the best value on your bills? Compare providers and consider switching to cheaper options. Several companies offer price comparisons on things like car insurance, utility bills, mobile phone packages etc.

You could also consider switching any credit card balances to providers with lower interest rates or deals for zero percent interest on balance transfers for a set period.

Sell Things

If you are completely honest with yourself you probably have lots of items that you no longer actually want, need, or use. Why not consider selling these to raise some extra cash for your travelling fund? Depending on what you are selling you could take things to a car boot sale, hold a garage sale, or sell online, through sites like Ebay or Craig’s List. You’ll be surprised what you can sell – it really is true that one man’s (or woman’s!) junk is another person’s treasure. Clothes, books, ornaments, household items … have a good sort through the lot!
Some people are so determined to travel that they actually sell even bigger things such as homes or businesses.
This certainly helps you to save up to travel!

Stay Focused

When you are saving a little here and there it can be very easy to feel unmotivated and lose focus. It’s important to keep the bigger picture in mind, know what you are aiming for, and understand that even small amounts will grow and grow, eventually giving you enough to fulfil your dreams.

A few simple changes can really help you to save up to travel – good luck and happy future travelling!

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