Six Tips for a Vietnamese Tailoring Success

Photo by: iscoutt

Photo by: iscoutt

Vietnam, along with other South East Asian countries, is a clothes lover’s dream. Even those who are travelling on a budget will not need to break the bank to order some top quality customised clothes. Designed to fit your exact measurements, and taking into account your choice of style, fabric, colours, patterns, and embellishments, tailor made clothing can be better value, and in some cases cheaper, than buying off the rack. With clothes made uniquely for you, you really can feel a million dollars … without spending it!

Whether you have a special occasion in mind, want a new snazzy professional suit, covert a brand new party frock, or any other item, there are numerous tailors in Vietnam all vying for your business. Hoi An in particular is home to many tailors. You can snap up some terrific bargains, at prices that won’t make you cry. There are several handy hints, however, to make sure that your hard earned money is well spent.

Know Your Budget

Know how much you can realistically spend on your perfect garment before you even enquire. A certain degree of bartering and negotiations is expected, but if something really does go way over your budget, walk away. Stick to your price limit, even if it means leaving empty handed. You will be happier in the long run.

Agree on the Final Price

When you have decided that you really want something, and it meets your price requirements, make sure that you finalise the price for your purchase before any work begins. Before measurements are taken and cloth is cut, make sure that both parties agree on a definite and fixed price. Be sure to check on adjustments and alterations and shipping – if they are not included, factor them into your final figures.

Think About Transportation

It’s all well and good having a stack of nice new clothes, but if you cannot carry them home with ease you’ll quickly find yourself in a bit of a pickle. Excess baggage costs might make your bargain less of an attractive deal. Consider having items shipped home if necessary. Also, think about the length of time you will end up carrying the items. If you are at the beginning of a world-wide adventure, your steal of the century may end up looking like something you have salvaged from a textile bank at the end of your trip.

Consider the Time for Your Vietnamese Clothes to be Completed

Un magasin de tissus à Hoi An

It is highly likely that you will need to attend for several fittings before your garments are finished and ready for you to take away. If you are on a tight schedule, you may not actually have enough time for a proper job to be done. This could make the deal impossible, or mean that you end up with not so great goods.

Don’t Buy on Impulse

Just because something is cheap, it does not necessarily follow that it is a bargain. Think long and hard before you make a final decision. Consider whether you really need the item, how often you will wear it, and your reasons for wanting that particular thing before the deal is sealed. Impulse buying is a sure fire way to blow any budget out of the window.

Provide Details

Make sure that you tell your tailor your exact requirements, right down to buttons, fastenings, and the like. You don’t want your garment to be less than perfect, and your tailor is not a mind reader!

With a bit of thought, you could bag yourself some real clothing bargains in Vietnam; shopping on a budget has never been easier!

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