Stag Party Tips in Amsterdam!

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Yes, it may be clichéd, but very few places in the world offer as much fun and excitement for a stag do (or hen party for that matter) as the electric capital city of the Netherlands – Amsterdam!

There are plenty of good reasons why people continue to flock to Amsterdam for a weekend of carefree fun with their mates. Make the most of your time in the city with these terrific stag party tips in Amsterdam.

Stag Accommodation


It’s unlikely that you’ll be spending very little time in your room, so don’t waste cash on somewhere where you’re only going to crash for a couple of hours here and there. Location, location, location is what it’s all about when booking a place to stay for a stag party in Amsterdam. Forget about the fancy extras, as long as the place is clean, cheap, and close to all the action, you’ll be glad that you didn’t spend a packet. Some places have started banning large groups though, so it’s best to check their policies properly before booking – you at least want somewhere to ditch your stuff and shower!

Don’t Waste the Days!

Casino in Amsterdam

Make sure everyone has a trip to remember and get out and about and do stuff in the daytimes as well as the night times. There are loads of cool things to do in Amsterdam. You can check out the weird and wonderful museums – the Sex Museum and Erotica Museum are two popular options. There are also a few breweries where you and your mates can try some locally brewed delights. A trip along the canal can be a great way to see some of the city’s sights whilst taking it easy; if you’re feeling a bit delicate this is perfect!

If you’re still feeling all pumped up though hop on board a boat with a bar and keep the party going! Enjoy competitive and adrenalin-fuelled go-karting wih your mates, and head to the casino for a bit of a flutter. Make sure you’re dressed appropriately though and be careful not to blow your entire holiday budget in just one afternoon! The cafes and bars are open all throughout the today, giving you loads of choices for an all-day drinking sesh, a good feed, or a chilled out time with space cake or a smoke or two.

Don’t Go Overboard on the Weed!

Joints & Friends

Sure, you’re likely to indulge a bit, but try not to spend the weekend in a doped up fog! You want to actually get out and do stuff too, and it’s easy for several hours to slip past without you even noticing. If you’re smoking too much why not grab some weed seeds and grow your own back at home? Enjoy the best of both worlds!

Vary the Night Times

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Don’t head to the same spots each evening! With so much to see and do it’d be a shame to miss it! Take a peek at the notorious Red Light District, check out a raunchy show, hit the clubs and strut your stuff, and have a fab night not to remember!

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