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Free Things to do in Budapest, Hungary

Located in Central Europe, Hungary boasts a long history, interesting cuisine, and numerous attractions and activities. Where better to start on a Hungarian adventure than in its lively and fascinating capital of Budapest? Prices are generally affordable, though budget travellers will be pleased to find that there are a number of excellent free things to […]

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Budget Travel Tips for Germany

Germany has a bit of a reputation for being rather a pricey destination, but there are several handy budget travel tips for Germany that will lessen the sting to your wallet / purse and let you see more of the country for fewer euros. Whether you’re backpacking around Europe, or just being careful with the […]

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Keeping it Cheap in Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria, one of Europe’s most affordable holiday spots. With a beautiful stretch of coastline along the Black Sea Coast, and soaring mountains inside the country, people come here for summer fun on the beach and for winter excitement on the ski slopes. Culture lovers, history junkies, and fans of […]

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