Top Five Things to do in Switzerland

Known for neutrality, chocolate, chalets, cows, mountains, and skiing, land-locked Switzerland offers more than meets the eye when it comes to a great European travel destination. Many of Switzerland’s true delights are very inexpensive to enjoy, going some way towards off-setting the higher accommodation and transportation costs.

Switzerland has many excellent things to do and see; this selection details the top five things to do in Switzerland, though of course, there are many more fabulous things in store!

Try Some Sports

Switzerland is a sports lovers’ paradise at any time of the year. As well as the excellent winter skiing opportunities, for which the country is well known for, you can also try snowboarding, sledding, tobogganing, walking with snow shoes, cross country skiing, and other snow activities. In the summer months, Switzerland is great for hiking and trekking.

The majestic Matterhorn Provides the perfect backdrop on marker trails such as the Zermatt Lake Trail, where you can also enjoy the beauty of the shimmering and glistening lake. There is an abundance of flora and fauna to be spotted in the Swiss National Park. Lake Luzern is another popular spot for hiking. There are many marked trails throughout the country’s stunning countryside. Alternatively, there are many areas that can be cycled. Climbing is another activity, which can be done in both summer and winter.

Enjoy the Beautiful Lakes

Whether you want to get active or simply relax, the clear waters and gorgeous surroundings make Switzerland’s lakes a huge hit. Some offer boat trips, sailing, and other water based activities. Some favourites are the awesome Lake Geneva, Lake Lugano, Lake Zurich, and Lake Lucerne.

Enjoy the Typical Swiss Views!

Enjoy the Silence...

The panoramic views from Switzerland’s high points are simply breath taking. Climbers can enjoy the views with ease, but there are also ways that non-climbers can reach dizzying heights for spectacular views. In the mountain areas, cable cars, trains, and funiculars transport passengers up the slopes – in many areas there are designated view points, sited to give the optimum vistas. You can also enjoy a meal in a summit restaurant; gaze out whilst dining in true style.

Eat, Drink and be Merry!

You cannot visit Switzerland without trying some of the country’s finest specialities. Swiss wine is crisp and delicious, but because most of it is not exported to other countries it is not very well known. There are various grape growing and wine producing areas in the country, and local wine is available across Switzerland. Make sure you try a glass. One of Switzerland’s most well known products is chocolate.

Things to do in Switzerland

Milk chocolate was created in Switzerland. Take a tour of the Nestle Factory and delight in the delectable taste. Fondue uses some of the country’s delicious cheeses, melted down to use as a warm dip. The variety of fondues is impressive, and the taste is divine. Another sumptuous cheese dish is raclette. Potato cakes, called rosti, are hearty and filling. There are many regional treats to look out for; try the sausages and cream tarts in Romandie, the pretty gingerbread in Appenzellerland, the vegetable, cheese, and pasta stew in Grisons, and alplermagronen in Central Switzerland, to name but a few.

Stand Where Three Countries Meet

In Basel, you can visit a simple monument marking the point where Switzerland, Germany, and France meet. Known as Three Countries Corner, there is also a glass walled restaurant.

Switzerland offers mcu much more than these top five things to do! But these are just for starters on your fabulous holiday in this wonderful country.


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