Travelling Around Bolivia on a Budget

Bolivia is amongst the cheapest countries in the globe to travel, explore, and have fun. It is often overlooked by many travellers, but is a real gem of South America . There is an abundance of things to do, see, and experience in Bolivia, and it can easily be experienced on a budget.

There are a few handy tips to help people make their money go further in Bolivia, whilst still having a terrific time:

Compare Flights to and from Bolivia

A large part of the travel expenses for a Bolivia trip are the actual flights to get to and from the country. The majority of visitors arrive by air. Compare various airlines, and also check for dates either side of those planned, as if you are flexible you can make a substantial saving just by changing your dates slightly. It can also save money to fly into (or out of) a neighbouring country and travel overland between Bolivia and the other country’s airport.

Pack Correctly

Check the climate and weather conditions for the time of year and for the areas that you intend to visit. With different extremes of weather and varying temperatures, it pays to plan ahead and make sure you have a variety of clothing to meet the conditions. You do not want to find yourself having to buy extra clothing to remain comfortable, when you probably already have perfectly good items in your existing wardrobe.

Plan and Check Accommodation

In most parts of Bolivia you will find a range of accommodation, from luxury hotels, camping grounds, through to backpacker hostels. Facilities can be very basic in a hostel, however, and in many cases a guest house or mid range hotel can be almost the same price as a hostel. So it is well worth comparing different accommodation options.

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Eat Cheaply in Bolivia

Go where the locals go to dine! They will not only choose the best places to eat, but will also be thinking about how much their meal is going to cost. Avoid places that seem to cater only to tourists; these will often have significantly inflated prices. Traditional Bolivian fare is usually a lot cheaper than international dishes!

Shopping Savvy

Bartering and haggling are expected in the markets in Bolivia. Don’t pay the first price asked for, but instead reach a mutually agreeable, and lower, price that is good for the seller and good for your wallet. As with dining, stores and markets that cater mainly to the tourist crowds will be more expensive than those that the locals use.

Transport in Bolivia

The Bolivian Death Road

In many of the main areas, walking is a great, free way to explore under your own steam. Public transport is widely available, and is not very expensive. If you find that you must use a taxi, call one for yourself – it is cheaper to do this than use one from outside a hotel.

Bolivia offers varied landscapes, interesting history, traditional culture, and many things to experience. A journey around Bolivia can be very reasonable in cost terms, as well as a whole lot of fun 🙂

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