United Arab Emirates on a Budget

Are you planning a trip to the ultra-modern and prosperous United Arab Emirates? Do you want to know how to make your money go further in this notoriously expensive part of the Middle East, indeed, one of the most expensive parts of the world? Whilst a visit to the UAE will never come cheaply, there are several ways to enjoy a trip to the United Emirates on a budget of sorts.

Practically, UAE is a federation comprising seven different emirates. Most people head to Dubai or the capital of Abu Dhabi, but there are other terrific spots in the country too. You may be surprised to learn that there are cultural and historic spots mixed in with the glitzy modern elements. A country that screams luxury and wealth, a journey to UAE is likely to be an eye opening experience.

Taxis are relatively cheap to use, which is great as the country does not have such good public transport within the cities and towns.

Some top tips for enjoying the United Arab Emirates on a budget include:

Compare Accommodation Deals

As with many places, you should compare accommodation deals before you book … and then compare again! There are some great deals to be found on places to stay in the UAE, but you need to hunt hard. Start looking as far in advance of your trip as possible, and search for a few days before committing to a final choice. There are some hostels in the main tourist areas, and whilst these are likely to be significantly more than hostels in other parts of the world, they do offer some of the most affordable accommodation in the country.

Use Coupons

Yes, they can be fiddly and annoying, but the UAE is one place where it really does pay to check out the range of deals and offers available. Coupons are available on several websites that will yield significant savings in many areas of your trip. You will find meal offers, such as two for the price of one, buy one get one half price, and free stuff with minimum spends, offers on boat trips, discounted entrance fees to attractions, deals on desert safaris, and so on. It really does pay to plan in advance in the UAE.

Eat Traditional Fare

Whilst you will be able to find a good selection of international restaurants across the country, local meals are often a lot more cost effective … and the food is delicious too! Rice is a staple, and is usually served with different types of seasoned meat. Look out for cuisine from other Middle Eastern countries too, for example Lebanese, Iranian, and Jordanian, as this is usually very reasonably priced. Eating out in the UAE needn’t be an expensive experience. Avoid eating in hotel restaurants though – you will certainly pay a lot more for your meal.

Check Out Discount Outlets

The UAE is known for its amazing shopping, and air conditioned malls offer the very latest fashions and high end products. Strolling around the different shopping centres is an experience in itself, and one that is completely free if you’re only browsing and window shopping. If you do plan on buying things though, head to the various outlet malls for high quality at lower prices.

Enjoy Public Beaches

Hotel operated beaches can be quite pricey, but there are some beautiful public beaches that are completely free to enjoy. Laze on the gorgeous sands and enjoy the amazing views. If you want to swim, however, you should follow the lead of the locals and cover up well.

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