Visit Tokyo on a Budget

Photo by: orangeandmilk

Photo by: orangeandmilk

Japan’s capital city is known for being an ultra-modern, fast-paced, and high octane city, crammed with interesting things to see and do, and home to thousands of people. Known for being a little on the pricey side, it is also possible to visit Tokyo on a budget if you are cautious with your cash. Neon lights dazzle, and the soaring Mount Fuji provides the perfect city backdrop. A visit to Tokyo is a really exciting treat, and one that can be enjoyed without spending too much money.

Here are some great tips for enjoying a visit to Tokyo on a budget:

Stay in Cheaper Accommodation in Tokyo

Guest houses, or ryokan, are significantly cheaper than hotels. Check out some of the best deals online before travelling to Tokyo. There are a growing number of people trying to make a bit of spare cash by letting out spare rooms and vacant apartments in the city, where space is of a premium. Staying in one of these privately owned properties or rooms can be incredibly comfortable and for a slice of the price of a chain hotel.

Cycle for Free on Sundays

Explore the city by bicycle on a Sunday. You must be an early bird though to take advantage of this great deal. Every Sunday morning, 250 free bicycles are lent to visitors on a first come first served basis at the Palace Cycling Course.

Eat Cheap in Tokyo

Many of the department store food halls offer cheap dishes, including salads, sushi, and sashimi. A great way to eat cheap in Tokyo and enjoy the atmosphere of the city at the same time is to buy food to take away and make your own picnic – with many lovely and pretty parks, it is easy to find a spot to pitch up and dine al fresco. A city crammed with innovative inventions, vending machine food is cheaper than a restaurant menu. Try a bowl of noodles ordered from a machine for a fraction of the cost. You are given a ticket, which you then give to the chef to prepare your dish.

Visit Shrines and Temples in Tokyo for free

Most of the interesting temples and shrines around the city are free to enjoy. Providing glimpse of culture and heritage, they are beautiful and interesting places. Some of the best include the Sensoji Temple and the Yasukuni Shrine.

Visit the Imperial Palace

This grand and ornate palace is free for visitors. A stunning site, it is an ideal place to soak up some Japanese culture.

Get Your Fill in Museums

Many of Tokyo’s museums offer free admission. There are places to suit all tastes. Some favourites include the Sumo Wrestling Museum, the Electric Power Historical Museum, and the Museum of Broadcasting.

Relax in Tokyo’s Parks

Most of the parks in the city are free, and you can relax and enjoy the famous flowers. In season, nothing beats the sight of the cherry blossom trees swaying in the breeze. In Yoyogi Park, the weekends bring many street performers and live music. Kichijoli Park and Ueno Park are both also nice places to enjoy Tokyo’s green spaces.

Enjoy the Views

Photo by: Justin C.

Photo by: Justin C.

Ride the lift to the 45th floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building for excellent picturesque views across the city.

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