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Manhattan is one of New York City’s five boroughs. Whilst being the smallest, it is known as being the cultural heart of New York, if not the world! There are many famous must see and iconic attractions in the area. A break in Manhattan can see your dollars quickly disappearing if you are not careful. As well as the top sights, did you know there are also many popular free and low cost things to do? When thinking about what to do in Manhattan, mix up the sights and see your dollars and dimes go further.

What to do in Manhattan: Top Five Must-Sees

1. Ascend to the Dizzying Heights of the Empire State Building’s Observation Deck
At the top of many people’s lists for things to do in Manhattan, the Empire State Building is a complete must do on a New York trip. From the observatory, guests can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the stretching city below.

2. Visit the Rockefeller Centre
This famous site is not to be missed. Those who enjoy feeling on top of the world can take a ride to the Top of the Rock for panoramic views of the city.

3. Enjoy a Broadway Show
With long running classics such as the Phantom of the Opera and Chicago, modern hits including Mama Mia and Blue Man Group, and everything in between, a night at Broadway is a quintessential Manhattan experience. And of course, it is totally free to wander around the theatre area of the city.

4. Take a Trip to Ellis Island
The touching immigration museum is not only interesting, but also helps many people to trace their ancestry. As the main point of immigration to the city in days gone by, Ellis Island is one of New York’s most historically important places.

5. Pore Over the Met’s Exhibits
It is not only art aficionados that will appreciate the treasures housed within the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As the biggest art museum in the US, there is sure to be something for everyone in the wide collections.

What to do in Manhattan: Top Five Freebies

1. Take a Stroll Around Central Park
As well as being a delightful oasis of green in a busy city sea, there are often many free performances to enjoy. Additionally, it is a great sport for recreational activities and people watching. There are interesting statues and mosaics to look at, and alongside the Pond is great for a picnic.

2. Absorb the Atmosphere in Times Square
See the lights, hear the sounds, feel the atmosphere; live New York! Visitors must make sure they visit Times Square at night, when the brightly lit signs compete with each other and demand attention. There are many entertainment options in the area.

3. Visit Grand Central Station
The biggest train station in the world and one of the most visited, Grand Central Station is also often described as the prettiest train station across the globe. Visitors cannot help but be amazed by the details.

4. Go to Governor’s Island
The ferry to reach this island just off the Manhattan mainland is completely free. It also costs nothing to walk around the island, where visitors can see the Admiral’s House and Nolan Park, and enjoy cycling and mini golf.

5. Take a Ride on the Staten Island Ferry
The commuter ferry between Manhattan and Staten Island is totally free. And, it provides excellent views of the Statue of Liberty.

Manhattan is a blend of the eclectic, exciting, pulsating and electric, all waiting to be discovered. No matter what you decide to do in Manhattan you are certain to have a fantastic time.

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